Sobha has training as an actor and director.  She specifically loves devising theatre with communities and performing for children and youth. Sobha also prides herself on using artistry to teach.  That is an art form in itself. 

May 2015
Busy Bea

April 2011
Family Arts Day

April 2011
Readings on the Road
The Princess Who Could Not Cry

October 2010
Little Red Riding Hood and Halloween Stories

October 2012 
Fable Talk

July 2012
Devising Theatre with Seniors in Harlem

November 2011
Performer in Cabaret

October 2011
Hansel and Gretel

Those who canteach... Artistry 

intertwined with teaching.


December 2014
End of Semester Cabaret

May 2014
Artistic/Research Share

May 2014
Family Arts Day 
May 2014
Yuki and the Elephant

Fall 2002
East River Theater Company, Flea Theater
Patchwork "Man Who Turned Into a Bull" (also performed all over the NYC area as well as Seoul, Korea)

Sobha Kavanakudiyil

May 2013 
Artistic/Research Share 

April 2013 
Fly on By

April 2013 
Family Arts Day

April 2013
Ruby and the Storm

July 2009
How Can I Keep From Singing? Celebrating Eva Cassidy
Produced & Directed by Roxy Arrojo & Sobha Kavanakudiyil 
Laurie Beechman Theatre
Located within the West Bank Cafe
A Portion of the Proceeds will be donated towards Melanoma Research. 

Listen to some of the performers sing from How Can I Keep From Singing? Celebrating Eva Cassidy at the Laurie Beechman Theater on youtube...

Roxy singing Blues in the Night 
Dominic singing Fields of Gold
Erin and Anthony singing Time after Time

June 2009
Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
Produced by Roxy Arrojo / Directed by Steve Pacek
Don't Tell Mamma

June 2009
Photos from Roxy's Show Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered